Sim Card Tray

iPhone sim card tray repair, Norwich.

Sim card tray repair for iPhone and iPad in Norwich at affordable prices.

Does your iPhone or iPad no longer recognise a SIM card when it has been inserted into your iPhone or iPad SIM card tray?

SIM card tray repair, Norwich, Norfolk.
Our Technicians will fix your SIM Card Tray.

Does it display the message NO SIM even though the SIM is present? If so it is a high possibility that your SIM card tray has been inserted incorrectly and actually damaged the pins on the logic board that make contact with the SIM card.

Allow our expert technicians in Norwich to remove the damaged SIM card tray reader from your logic board and fit a brand new part restoring your iPhone back to working order.

your SIM card will then be detected correctly. As we use top quality parts for our iPhone SIM card tray repairs, your iPhone will function like new when repairs are completed.

SIM Card tray repair in Norwich.
iPhone 4 repair.

We offer many other repairs apart from SIM card tray repair.

we can fix:

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Apple repair-replacement for screens.
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Norwich we solve all fix iPhone and iPod’s.
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Call out, or while you wait service.

Our technicians carry out a professional service whatever your repair is and will try to fix it within a walk in and wait service. We also provide a call out service if you are busy and can not get in to our shop in Norwich.

We will come to you whether it be at your home, office or in Burger King. Call us on 01603 905-905 or fill in out contact form and we will get back to you.

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