Apple Watch 3 Releases date

Apple watch release date

Apple Watch 3 releases date. Is it true or just another rumor.

Apple launched the Apple watch, second iteration of the line-up back in September 2016 at the same launch event which saw the iPhone 7 being rolled out. The first Apple watch was release back in 2015.

The latest in the line of premium wearable brought all new features to the table like GPS, a dual-core processor, water-resistance and a brighter LED display.

Apple watch 3 releases date.

If it arrives this September, 2017, it will probably launch alongside the iPhone 8. But the original Apple Watch launched in April, so perhaps we will be waiting until April 2018, or maybe Apple will choose another date altogether. There is another rumor of the Apple watch 2s, we will just have to wait and see what the new Tim Cook has in store for us.

I would imagine that there will not be much different in the size of the new Apple Watch, but it is rumored to have many more features including a smart band, platinum or liquid metal case, a face-time camera and improved wireless charging.


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BGR has also reported information from a source that claims the Apple Watch 3 will come with a glucose monitor. It will help those who suffer from diabetes monitor their blood sugar levels easily.

It still sounds like a future piece of tech considering the main way most diabetes patients monitor their levels is through blood samples, which can be painful and irritating to do. If Apple has found a way to do it this could make the Apple Watch 3 a must-have for a lot of people.