iPad Screen Repair

iPad screen repair - replacement, Norwich

iPad Screen repair-replacement in Norwich and also surrounding areas.

There are actually 2 screens on your iPad for repair which we can repair in Norwich while you wait. The lower iPad screen controls the images that appear, while the top screen is the glass front. This top screen also controls the “touch” capabilities.

iPad screen repair.
iPad screen repair, Norwich.

If your iPad does not recognise your finger swiping, then it could be that your top screen has become faulty or broken and needs a iPad screen repair.

Customers can see if the lower screen is faulty, this is called the LCD, while the top screen is called the digitiser. At we solve all, we also can repair any iPad screen repair.

iPad screen repair and charging dock repair

Because this screen controls the touch capability of the iPad and protects the lower screen, which shows the graphics. It is possible for the top digitiser screen to be smashed and the graphics to look fine underneath which means you need a iPad repair. We Solve All will remove the smashed screen while you wait and replace it with a new screen so it looks as good as new.


The digitiser is a very important part of your iPad. If the digitiser cracks or breaks, the functionality of the iPad is affected and it is difficult to use your iPad. You have a cracked iPad screen repair needed, and you are in Norwich , then you can pop into our repair shop for a fast service.

iPad screen-replacement-repair-Norwich.
Apple Plug for iPad.

iPad screen repair today?. Look at our contact page and see if we can collect tonight for you on our call out service for iPad screen repair. As a result you can get your iPad fixed for a fast repair in Norwich.

Broken iPad screen repair Digitiser Symptoms:

iPad screen repair cracked glass.

iPad screen repair Digitiser not responding to your finger swipes.
Top glass smashed or shattered on your i Pad.
The on-screen keyboard seems like it does not work.
Scratched screen on a Apple product.

 iPad Repair LCD.

iPad screen repair-iPhone repairs

The LCD screen on the iPad is the lower screen. It displays the graphics. It is generally a very reliable part, but can break from a fall, or from liquid damage getting into your iPad.

Thanks for the prompt service and replacement screen on my Ipad”

If you maybe see coloured lines, grey lines, white spots, dead pixels on the screen or if the display is completely white, flickering or bleeding, no back-light it has to be a replacement.

Broken iPad LCD (Lower Screen) Symptoms:

iPad Display screen cracked or broken.
LCD “bleeding” or “black ink stain”.
Display blank or very dark.
LCD flickering on iPad.
vertical lines visible on your screen.
Dead pixels on display.
graphics corruption,  red marks appearing randomly on your i Pad screen.

Laminated screens on newer iPad screen Repair.

iPad’s, the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Pro (all sizes).

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