iPhone Repair

iPhone repair. Norwich.

iPhone repair, Norwich – have you broken your iPhone screen we offer same day screen replacement.

iPhone repair Norwich.
iPhone repair Norwich.

Our engineers will have your iPhone screen replaced and back to you within the hour your local iPhone repair shop we can repair i phone 6-7-8 and now the X and new 11. iPhone screen repairs in general, take 30 minutes at our local Norwich shop.

All iPhone screen replacements are carried out in our workshop at we solve all Norwich are a local iPhone repair specialist based in Norwich city.

iphone repair norwich
iPhone repair Norwich.

Our team can carry our repairs on any model of iPhone we guarantee to provide only the best quality iPhone repair throughout Norwich and Norfolk

If you have ever been unlucky enough to drop your iPhone or iPad onto the pavement or any hard surface in Norwich, in most cases, it is quite possible that it has suffered a cracked screen, or even worse, had the screen break. You now need a iPhone repair.

iPhone repair Norwich-screen-iPad-Mac
iPhone repair Norwich.

In general, as a customer or student you might think you can live with a cracked screen. It only has a spider web effect!. Customers are likely to see other problems develop if the screen is not repaired.

Considering you may have a cracked iPhone 5 screen, this takes in moisture which can now get inside your iPhone. Because of this, it causes issues. In brief your iPhone repair and screen replacement is needed.


We Solve All in Norwich Norfolk can also repair 100% of broken mobiles and at a price you really can afford. Unlocking services also available.

iPhone repair, Norwich, Norfolk
iPhone repair in Norwich.

Based in Earlham, Norwich, Norfolk. we are the best mobile iPhone repair shop in the area of East Anglia. Pop in our Norwich shop for a repair. At we solve all in Norwich, Norfolk, in general we fix every mobile repair with any makes and problems.

iPhone repair Norwich.
Screen repair for iPhone. Norwich.

Broken screens iPhone repair.
Apple iPhone 6 repair-replacement for screens.
Water damage repairs for your Apple i Phone.
iPhone back cover replacement.
iPhone battery replacement.
i Phone 5 repair to charging dock and port.
Apple repair for power home button or volume button.

Camera repairs.
Replace keypads for iPhone or iPad.
Norwich we solve all fix iPhone and iPod’s.
Any brand of phone, i-Mac or iPad and Water damage.
Unlocking services.
SIM card trays repair. Macbook.

Norwich iPhone repair

If you own an Apple iPhone, having a reliable iPhone repair service in Norwich Norfolk that you can count on, definitely provides peace of mind. Because of this, we are your guys.

If your i Phone needs repairs or a battery replacement. In that case, our technicians has the parts, tools, and experience to get the job done right. Quickly and hassle-free. Particularly with iPhone repairs.

battery repair. iPhone repair
iPhone repair Norwich

Furthermore, whatever smartphone you carry a technician of our trained staff will diagnose and repair the issues you are experiencing.

Need a Mobile Phone repair work now? Bring your phone along to our shop in Norwich. We are open 8am-6pm.  The choice is yours. We will provide you with a detailed quote and make the repairs quickly and affordable. Rather than checking with every iPhone repair company as far as we are concerned our services our top standard.

In this case, there simply is no better choice for iPhone or smartphone repair than our shop in Norwich. Contact us today by phone, 01603-905-905, e-mail or simple popping in our shop.


iPhone repairs Norwich.

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“massive thanks to the team for keeping our iphones up and running Norwich decking recommend these guys”