iPhone Camera repair

iPhone camera repair, Norwich.

iPhone Camera repair.  iPad and Mac in Norwich, Norfolk.

Having trouble with your iPhone front or rear camera? Most of these iPhone camera repair are caused by accidental damage where you have knocked the iPhone a time too many. The camera becomes broken.

iPhone camera repair-replacement. Norwich.
iPhone Camera repair.

Do you realize what options you have?.

Replacing your iPhone with Apple can take a lot of time and it’s often very pricey.  Another option is home insurance but your premium is likely to go up.

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Fortunately out of warranty iPhone camera repair, Norwich are possible at our repair shop. The cost of an iPhone camera repair is very cost-effective and the camera issue could be fixed with a week or less in the majority of cases.

With many iPhone’s being fixed each week your smartphone is in safe hands with the team.

iPhone – iPad camera replacement.

iPhone Repairs in Norwich.

The camera on your iPhone is fantastic for taking photos and video recording treasured moments. A number of camera apps have been developed for the iPhone alongside a range of unique iPhone camera accessories.

With each iteration of the iPhone, Apple has consistently refined the camera as well. The iPhone 3GS had only a 3.2 MP rear camera recording VGA videos, whilst the iPhone 5 features an 8 MP rear camera capable of 1080p video recording alongside a 1.2 MP front camera with 720p video recording features. The iPhone 6S camera features a 12 MP rear camera which records video in stunning 4K. The front FaceTime HD camera was also upgraded to 5 MP.

With the iPhone 7, image stabilization and six-element lens have been added to the camera. The iPhone 7 Plus on the other hand is the first model to include a telephoto camera for improved zoom. The front camera resolution was also increased to 7 MP.


We realize how important your iPhone is to you, which is why the team always take a meticulous approach towards iPhone camera repair in Norwich, Norfolk.

Some of the faults with the iPhone camera include:

• iPhone camera flash not working.
• iPhone camera black screen.
• iPhone camera lens broken.
• iPhone camera blurry.

Both the front and rear camera of the iPhone can be replaced by the team, in our shop in Norwich.

Each fixed iPhone comes with a warranty on parts fitted and for further reassurance that the repair has been conducted to a professional standard.

An established pickup and delivery service is provided with each iPhone camera repair for Norwich. Your non operational iPhone can be collected from any premises in Norwich.

If you need further advice and free estimates for iPhone camera repair, just connect with the staff via the number provided or by completing with the online form.

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