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iPad screen repair, Norwich

Macbook repair, Norwich. iPhone repairs, iPad screen replacement and Apple Mac support in Norwich.

We offer a full range of repairs services. From Apple Macbook repair to any other PC or tablet repair. Our services are designed to cater for customer’s everyday needs at reasonable prices in Norwich.

With our technicians who have over 10 years experience in the Apple sector, we have repaired 1000’s of items for happy customers without the hassle of waiting days for appointments.

We repair and support all types of Apple iMac repair laptops and PCs including the Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac and Mac Pro.

Macbook repair. Norwich. iPhone 6
Mac computer.

We undertake all types of repairs including damaged screens, virus problems, slow speeds, start up problems and others. Please visit the Mac repairs page for full details. We also fix all graphic card problems.

Macbook repair Screen Replacement.
Liquid Damaged Repair for Macbook.
Mac Book Logic Board Repair and Replacement.
MacBook Hard Drive Replacement.
MacBook Memory Upgrades.
iMac repair CD/DVD Drive Repair and Replacement.
MacBook Power Supply Repair.
Mac Non-Booting Diagnosis.

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Liquid Macbook Repair.

Macbook repair, iPhone 6.
Macbook repair, Norwich.

You poured a glass of water, wine, juice, or beer into your laptop or apple MacBook. Don’t worry – it is not done for yet! We Solve All in Norwich Norfolk offer same day diagnostic and free estimate.

Common problems after liquid damage:

There is no light on the screen.
Your MacBook Air or laptop is freezing after spillage.
Keys not working or only some of them.
Trackpad not working after water damage.

Our independent certified Apple engineers are just the people to get you back up and running or to give your beloved Macbook, iMac, Mac pro, or Mac mini a well needed service. Whatever issue you may be facing, we are sure we can help you in timely manner.

Mac repair. Norwich
Mac repair.

Contact our friendly team in Norwich who will give expert advice or pop in our shop, there is always the option of using the contact form, We will always get back to you. 01603 905-905.

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