University Student discount iPhone repair

University student discount iPhone repair.

 University student discount, Norwich

 iPhone repair. Screen replacement, iPad, iPod, Mac,Tablets repairs in Norwich Norfolk.

Our shop is only a couple of minutes from the Norwich university and we do a collect service for your repair.

Call 01603 905-905 for a affordable price and discount (proof of university student). That is why we provide university student discount.

As careful as you might be. The iPhone’s screen is still made of glass, albeit a scratch resistant and toughened glass called “Gorilla glass”.  It is a horrible feeling — having your iPhone slip from your fingers and tumble to the floor, maybe down the steps of the university.

Then comes the bit where you need to pick up your iPhone,iPad,iPod, or tablet and turning it over slowly, check the screen.


That feeling when you see that the glass has broken is gut wrenching. Be rest assured that you are not the first person to break their iPhone screen. We have fixed thousands of iPhone 6 screens over the last few years — nearly 200 every week last year. We are the experts.

university student discount iPhone repair.

Walk-in iPhone Repairs.

There is no need to book an appointment at we solve all in Norwich. Just bring your broken iPhone to our repair shop and we will take care of it, including your university student discount.In most cases we solve it all will have it back to you within an hour, and 97% of all iPhone’s are returned the same day.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a fast and convenient service. Most repairs can be performed the same day and normally iPhone screens are fixed in under an hour.