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iPhone repairs Norwich.

iPhone repairs throughout Norwich. We proudly repair, iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac, and other Apple products in Norwich. We have now introduced same day iPhone repairs screen replacement.

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Broken Glass or LCD.

Have you accidentally dropped your iPhone and cracked or shattered the glass, or broken the LCD screen, found it does not respond to your touches any more. Fear not, you are not alone and this is one of the most common repairs to the iPhone. We Solve All can soon have your iPhone back in your hand fully working again with a iPhone repairs job.

iPhone repairs

Other Repair we offer:

Faulty iPhone battery.

All iPhone’s have an internal Faulty iPhone battery which is not easily user replaceable. The battery is sometimes soldered to the main board making it difficult to replace. We are able to supply and fit brand new genuine Li-Ion iPhone batteries for your iPhone repairs.

iPhone repair, Norwich, Norfolk
iPhone repair in Norwich.

Refurbish your old iPhone?

If your iPhone is looking a little tired and worn and could do with a complete refurbishment, we can help. Does your iPhone glass screen have scratches or marks? We can replace, making it look as good as new.

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iPhone not charging?

If your iPhone is becoming increasingly difficult to sync or charge, the bottom iPhone docking connector may have become worn or damaged. We can replace the bottom iPhone sync / charge dock connector on all model of iPhone solving these issues.

iPhone repairs charging port.
Charging Port for iPhone 6

Dead iPhone?

Does your iPhone appear to be dead or not starting? We can repair dead iPhone’s. We Solve All, based in Norwich, Norfolk can also resolve issues with poor or no signals, no sound from iPhone speakers or head phone sockets, software issues, broken iPhone SIM trays, liquid damaged iPhone’s and much, much more.

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iPhgone 5 Battery.

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